Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: abuz de drept

Dreptul de a petiţiona vs. abuzul de drept și frauda la lege în era digitalizării
This article focuses on the right to petition. The paper also analyses the limits of the petitioner’s rights, as well as the legal procedures that must be followed when citizens are acting in order to solve a personal issue related to public authorities.The public authorities have to adapt their internal procedures to the new challenges imposed by the technology, so that the relationship “citizen-public authority” become a win-win colla...
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Grupurile de societăţi din perspectiva practicii judecătorești
In this paper we aim to analyze how the domestic courts have examined the issues related to groups of companies within the judicial actions submitted to them. The analysis shall reflect how the groups of companies are treated from conceptual and terminological point of view, if there is an interest of the group recognized apart from the interest of the group companies and whether the mere fact of their belonging to the group generates certain ...
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Abuzul de dreptul de vot
This article approaches the issue of the abuse of the voting right, from the perspective of the current legislation, that is the New Civil Code, and the fact that it conflicts with The Companies Law no. 31/1990, as well as with The Capital Market Law no. 297/2004, which laws were inspired by the former Decree no. 31/1954. The two most common forms of the abuse of the voting right, that is minority oppression and majority harassment, are analyz...
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