Articole de la același autor Lect. univ. dr. Manole Ciprian POPA

Facultatea de Drept, Universitatea din București
Răspunderea nelimitată a asociaților cu răspundere limitată în baza art. 2371 din Legea societăților nr. 31/1990
The mechanism or technique of lifting the corporate veil, which consists of ignoring the legal personality when it is used by associates as a schield for defrauding creditors is regulated in several normative acts. In corporate matters, relevant are the provisions of art. 2371 of Law no. 31/1990, which is the main object of our analysis. In the Preliminaries, we review the general rationale for seting up legal entities, particularly companies...
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Grupurile de societăţi din perspectiva practicii judecătorești
Numărul 11 Anul 2015
In this paper we aim to analyze how the domestic courts have examined the issues related to groups of companies within the judicial actions submitted to them. The analysis shall reflect how the groups of companies are treated from conceptual and terminological point of view, if there is an interest of the group recognized apart from the interest of the group companies and whether the mere fact of their belonging to the group generates certain ...
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Grupurile de societăţi în dreptul comercial italian. Scurte consideraţii de drept comparat
There are traditional connections between the Italian and Romanian legal systems, including in the matter of corporate groups law. Within the substantial reform of the Italian Civil Code 2004 as of 2004, there were introduced legal provisions aiming to regulate the relations between the companies belonging to the same corporate group. Given that the Romanian legislation does not have such a regulation yet, we think a comparative approach with...
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