Articole de la același autor Lect. univ. dr. Nicolae PANĂ

Lector universitar, cercetător postdoctorand, Academia de Studii Economice București, cadru didactic asociat, Universitatea "Danubius" din Galaţi
Globalizarea democraţiei vs. democraţia globalizării. Semnătura electronică –condiţie ad validitatem sau ad probationem în contractele electronice?
Numărul 2 Anul 2022
Democracy is the only political current that has become unanimously acceptedand is a way of life desired by most people around the world, at least that is the perception of the majority living in areas recognized as being led by democratic governments. The globalization of democracy is the current desideratum of the development of society and the contemporary world is in a continuous transformation due to the advancement of new technolog...
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Dreptul de a petiţiona vs. abuzul de drept și frauda la lege în era digitalizării
Numărul 3 Anul 2021
This article focuses on the right to petition. The paper also analyses the limits of the petitioner’s rights, as well as the legal procedures that must be followed when citizens are acting in order to solve a personal issue related to public authorities.The public authorities have to adapt their internal procedures to the new challenges imposed by the technology, so that the relationship “citizen-public authority” become a win-win colla...
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