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Reflecții jurisprudențiale asupra contractelor inteligente în contextul Legii privind datele
As the rapid advancement of technology continues to reshape various aspects of society, the legal domain faces new challenges in adapting to the transformative capabilities of smart contracts. Through a nuanced analysis, the paper delves into the fundamental concepts and philosophical underpinnings of jurisprudence, investigating their applicability to the realm of smart contracts. Drawing on historical legal precedents and theoretical framewo...
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Despre economia digitală în Uniunea Europeană și evoluția dreptului antimonopol
Considering the technological evolution in the European space, the interaction between this sector and antitrust became relevant. Therefore, the article tackles concepts of a digital economy, like online platforms their structure, the economic relevance and last but not least, relevance for the antitrust law. At the same time, the article addresses the reaction of the European Commission to the evolution of the digital economy, not only at, bot...
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Evoluţia istorică şi geografică a acţiunii colective
04 01 2017
The class action had undergone an extremely sinuous and complicated historical evolution. With origins that go back to XIIth century Medieval English Law, it has been subjected countless times to reforms and reconfigurations in order to adapt it to the needs of a certain era. Initially build as an instrument for the strong and few in their fight with the many and weak, the class action had transformed into a useful and efficient instrument for...
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Electrabel v. Hungary sau deconstrucția unei fragmentări. Studiu de caz privind reglementarea prin arbitraj a diferendelor intra-UE dintre un investitor și o parte contractantă la Tratatul privind Carta energiei
An argument, which has been repeatedly and consistently advanced in the intra EU disputes by the European Commission and the EU Member States is that there is a sort of inherent conflict between EU law and the investment arbitration under Energy Charter Treaty, which would somehow prevent European investors from using it against EU Member States. Conflict of treaties is a hot topic leading to a more general debate on the alleged fragmentation ...
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Exigenţele evitării dublei impuneri cu privire la impozitele directe: paradigme globale şi metamorfoze europene
02 01 2012
The first part of this article represents a general inquiry concerning double taxation and its avatars on the global market. First, it shows the mechanisms and phenomena which made double taxation a world-spread economical “evil” and the subtle ties which bind it to the concept – and reality – of tax competition. In this context, we present the historical genesis of double taxation – starting with its medieval roots – and indicate a taxonomic ...
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