Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: drept comercial transnaţional

O școală de drept comercial
Cross-border business needs conceptualization. One of the Schools of Transnational Commercial Law that responded to this need constitutes the object of this academic analysis. The international harmonization of commercial law is closely related to the ideas spread by the school under discussion. International instruments of harmonization are plural and diverse in nature, as are the academic approaches to these instruments. This article fully ...
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Este viitorul dreptului internaţional transnaţional? Două ipoteze comerciale
We have been taught to assess international law as being the exclusive ’product’ of the nation-States. In the 21st century, international law became the ‘product’ of the private actors also. At least in the area of commercial life, the concept of ‘transnational law’ encourages such private actors to issue specific rules applicable beyond and not between the territories of the nations-States. The idea of legal pluralism nourishes the identity ...
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De la inovaţie doctrinară la normativitate transnaţională. Consideraţii asupra litigiului Bremen și alţii contra Zapata Off-Shore Co.
The Bremen and others v. Zapata Off-Shore Co. case could be contemplated as a purely foreign trade case and not as international trade one. This article focuses on the idea that foreign trade and international trade are two different areas.Their interplay, if any, amounts to another idea; that is to sustain that the Bremen and others v. Zapata Off-Shore Co. case can be regarded as a particular stance of the transnationa...
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