Articole de la același autor Vasile PĂTULEA

Noi instrumente legislative în legătură cu fraudele financiare şi evaziunea fiscală cu caracter transnaţional
Numărul 7 Anul 2013
A new dynamic is underway against tax evasion. In the United States, the “Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act” – FATCA was adopted in 2010, which obliges banks and other financial institutions (including mutual funds pensions) established abroad to report to the US IRS the assets and transactions of their clients, regardless of whether they are US citizens or residents.Transposed to Europe, it allows to know who, among t...
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Revizuirea judiciară a sumelor stabilite prin clauzele penale
Numărul 3 Anul 2012
The judge has the power to revise the amount of what is provided for in a penalty clause, in the case where this amount is “manifestly excessive” (art. 1541 Romanian Civil Code). In the legal system French we speak of a “manifestly excessive or derisory amount” (art. 1152 C. civ. français).So it is not only a question of allowing the judge to reduce a penalty, but also of increase it. However, as in other foreign systems, it is necessar...
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Regimul juridic al măsurii de constrângere a debitorului de a-şi executa la timp obligaţia pe care şi-a asumat-o (daunele cominatorii)
Numărul 2 Anul 2012
The astreinte, derived from the Latin adstring is a process of constraint which, despite its character indirect, is very effective; it hits the debtor in his sensitive part, the portefeville, to the penalty is vast, although it is not without limits.The author reviews the evolution of the institution of penalty, judicial or conventional, limited to the comminatory measure „comminatory penalty”.  
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