Articole de la același autor Günay DUAGI

Avocat, doctorand, Școala Doctorală de Drept, Academia de Studii Economice București
Deosebiri între fiducie şi trust
Numărul 3 Anul 2018
Although at first glance fiducia and trust seem to have no significant differences, however at a closer look we can see the „crevices” in the connection between the two related institutions. Thus, although the intention of the Romanian legislator was to actually adopt the trust through the New Civil Code, our civil law system made this impossible and the result was the regulation of fiduciary relations on the French model.Hence the most ...
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Asemănări între fi ducie şi trust
Numărul 2 Anul 2018
Fiducia could not be treated without revealing the similarities it has with the institution of trust. The similarities between fiducia and trust are both evidence of the “linkage” of the two legal instruments and the extent of a potential simultaneous use of these contracts. Starting from the common object, the number and role of each of the fiducia and trust participants and the way the separation of fiduciary property assets and the types of...
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Desființarea RASDAQ și lansarea AeRO – Sfârșitul unei ere și un nou început
Numărul 12 Anul 2015
Dismantling of RASDAQ Market and launching of AeRO can be considered the most important events on the Romanian capital market lately. The main outcome of Law no. 151/2014 and the implementing regulation was the clarification of this segment of the capital market, and the necessity and success of this law is obvious and imperative in order to start a new stage on the Romanian capital market.
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Practicile şi clauzele contractuale abuzive între profesionişti
Numărul 2 Anul 2014
Regulations of unfair contractual terms and practices are a relatively new field in the relations between companies. However, its importance should not be overviewed considering the high potential risk arising from it. There are a number of legislative provisions granting to the unfair terms and practices between professionals its due importance.Both European and national regulations incline to regulate more profoundly the relations betw...
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