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judecător la Tribunalul Specializat Cluj
Cum scriu o hotărâre?
Numărul 3 Anul 2020
Any judicial decision is a narrative, a story about finding the truth. The search for the truth is a difficult task, since the pieces of evidence, regarded as the signs that the facts have left, seldom tell us a unique and coherent story. The interpretation of the law is no easier task, either; from all the interpretation methods available, I choose the literal interpretation over the teleological one, as it saves me from the pitfalls of my own...
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Particularităţi ale creanţelor împotriva averii debitorului insolvent rezultate din contractele de leasing
Numărul 2 Anul 2012
Leasing contracts are useful tools for many companies in regard to their activity. Easy to complete and often containing credit conditions more relaxed than the conditions needed in obtaining a bank loan, these agreements are included in the trade funds for a significant number of companies that go insolvent.
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Drepturile promitentului cumpărător rezultate din antecontractul de vânzare-cumpărare din perspectiva dispoziţiilor art. 93 ind. 1 din Legea nr. 85/2006
Numărul 1 Anul 2012
This article discusses the legal situation of the debtor who made a promise to sell movables or immovables prior to her subsequent judicial declaration as bankrupt, and of the creditors who made a promise to buy such goods. Taking in consideration all the „innovations” introduced in the Romanian Law in recent years, it argues that the non correlation of the dispositions of various recent legislative enactments, among which predominantly figure...
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