Articole de la același autor Dr. Dominic GIDRO

avocat, Baroul Cluj
Natura juridică și fundamentul acțiunii directe a utilizatorului din contractul de leasing împotriva furnizorului bunului în contextul O.G. nr. 51/1997 și al noului Cod civil
Numărul 1 Anul 2020
The lease is one of the most important and frequent legal operations that we find in the Romanian trade. However, the legislature did not consider it necessary to establish this legal operation within the contracts regulated by the new Civil Code.The direct action of the user is expressly regulated by art. 12 of O.G. 51/1997, but, unfortunately, we find only a few doctrinal points regarding this legal mechanism.In this re...
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Admisibilitatea acțiunii directe în garanție pentru vicii ascunse. Natura juridică. Fundament. Temei
Numărul 4 Anul 2019
The subject of the direct action under the guarantee is a delicate and novelty in Romanian judicial practice, although the subject has been approached in the private legal space. The new Civil Code has brought an element of novelty by regulating the direct action under warranty for eviction, but not the direct action under guarantee for hidden defects. We have not yet been able to identify the reasoning behind this approach. This is why, in t...
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Natura juridică şi fundamentul acţiunii directe a beneficiarului sau posesorului cambiei împotriva acceptantului sau avalistului în contextul noului Cod civil
Numărul 2 Anul 2018
The Direct action is a means of achieving claims specific to situations where there is no contractual relationship between the creditor and the debtor or the defendant of the direct action, but the creditor may take the action to see his claim paid.Direct action is a privilege assigned only to certain creditors expressly prescribed by law. Bold direct action is part of this narrow circle of direct payment actions, being regulated from th...
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