Articole de la același autor Conf. univ. dr. Cristina Ioana FLORESCU

Universitatea „Spiru Haret”, Facultatea de Știinţe Juridice, Politice și Administrative, București; arbitru (București, Brașov, Paris, Viena, Chișinău); avocat, Baroul București
Regulile de la Praga, alternativă la Regulamentul IBA privind administrarea probatoriului în arbitrajul internaţional
This article seeks a plea for efficiency tools that are made available to users to streamline arbitration procedures and to inform Romanian users about the existence of the Prague Rules and how they are prepared to respond to the issues addressed in their contents.A Working Group was set up to establish a set of international rules in accordance to the entire arbitration community for obtaining evidence in international arbitration based ...
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Autoritatea tribunalului arbitral de a exclude un arbitru lipsit de etică
The purpose of this paper is to identify and investigate the current status of arbitral institutions’ and arbitration courts’ authority to sanction violations of unethical lawyers in cases of conflicts of interest. The parties have a fundamental right to choose their lawyer and also an independent and impartial tribunal, therefore the power source of the arbitral tribunal to exclude/disqualify a lawyer requires clarifications, since lately it h...
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Introducere în probleme de etică privind arbitrii și avocații în arbitrajul internațional
In the arbitral proceedings particular ethical issues concerning conflicts of interest of the legal representatives of the parties could occur. The purpose of this article is to identify some aspects of ethical issues codification and possible standardization concerning arbitrators and lawyers and the arbitrators’ authority to investigate the current state of the arbitral tribunals and arbitral institutions to sanction misconduct in the conduc...
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Rolul pro-activ al arbitrilor în managementul eficient al arbitrajului
The arbitrators’ pro-active role in the international arbitration modern era is one of the key factors in ensuring and maintaining an efficient and less judicialized case management.Lately it seems arbitration has caught the flaws of the guerilla tactics which alter the arbitration proceedings and the topic of efficiency is more newsworthy than ever.By avoiding dilatory and obstructive maneuvers the arbitrators’ pro-active role ma...
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