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Răspunderea vânzătorului unui pachet majoritar de acţiuni pentru „viciile” societăţii vândute
Although they are intangible assets, the shares of a company bear defects (hidden). The seller of a stock is responsible for the value of the issuing company when, after the sale, it is reduced as a result of events prior to sale that the buyer could not find out of the public registers (financial statements, registers, etc.) or after performing a due diligence. This is the correct legal qualification, not the eviction, not the vices of consen...
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Transferul acțiunilor într-o societate comercială
This article approaches the issue of the transfer of the property right over the shares of a company, concentrating especially on the sale transfer. There are also analyzed various forms of transfer based on the size of the stake, type of the company, finance of the transaction, as well as fiscal aspects. Declaration in the company’s registries is not a specific form of transfer, but a way of making the transfer opposable to the issuer, as a ...
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