Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: retragere

Arbitrabilitatea litigiilor în materia societăţilor comerciale. Aspecte corelative de drept material și procesual
The arbitrability of the corporate litigations is, in principle, possible, especially after passing the new Civil Procedure Code (Article 542), which eliminated the condition of the pecuniary nature of the dispute. Norm of Article 63 of Companies Law no. 31/1990 does not establish an exclusive competence of the courts of law but a material and territorial one within their general competence. In addition, Article 132 paragraph (2) and following ...
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Protecția creditorilor sociali în procedura de retragere și excluderea asociaților
Withdrawal and expulsion have effects not only over one’s position as a member of a company, by ceasing the membership, but also over the net assets of the issuer of the respective shares, own by the withdrawn or expelled member. These are acquired by the issuer, which either cancel them, either keep them as treasury.Due to the fact that members’corporate claims are satisfied over the very issuer, the question raised is the protection o...
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Retragerea asociaţilor. Certitudini, dileme, soluţii
During the incipient period of application of companies’ legislation, legal issues concerning the formation, organization and development of trade companies’ activities were examined preeminently by scholars and courts, since that was a time of creation and hope; events like withdrawal or expulsion of an associate were marginal issues that were disrupting the corporate harmony and not so often met în practice.The economic crisis affected...
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