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Identitatea și identificarea – elemente ale persuasiunii autentice
02 01 2024
In the legal system, persuasion plays a central role in the success or failure of cases presented before the court. An attorney’s ability to convince the judge is not solely based on the presentation of solid legal arguments but also on a complex set of psychological and emotional factors. Among these, the identity and identification of judges with the attorneys’ arguments are essential. These elements contribute to creating a connection betwe...
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Cum să te faci ascultat
06 01 2023
The main challenge of any public speaker is to capture the audience’s attention. Listening to the speaker means both the audience’s commitment to the full reception of the message and the encouragement of the speaker, who thus receives the certainty of reaching his set goal. Naturally, all of this presupposes certain efforts on the part of the speaker, who must understand the difference between hearing and listening, the force of silence, the ...
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Principiile persuasiunii
05 01 2021
Persuasion is based on a set of principles that apply in all areas, including the legal sphere. Enunciated three decades ago, the principles of persuasion crowned the research work of Professor Robert Cialdini. Based on extensive studies, experiments, and statistics, the six fundamental laws of persuasion have general applicability and help us understand why, when, and how persuasion works.
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