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Arbitrabilitatea litigiilor în materia societăţilor comerciale. Aspecte corelative de drept material și procesual
The arbitrability of the corporate litigations is, in principle, possible, especially after passing the new Civil Procedure Code (Article 542), which eliminated the condition of the pecuniary nature of the dispute. Norm of Article 63 of Companies Law no. 31/1990 does not establish an exclusive competence of the courts of law but a material and territorial one within their general competence. In addition, Article 132 paragraph (2) and following ...
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Dreptul european al concurenţei în dosare de arbitraj comercial internaţional ICC
06 01 2017
One of the fundamental questions for the international commercial arbitration practice, at least in the most renowned European arbitration centres, is to what extent the international arbitrators have a duty to acknowledge an imperative, public law-based character of the European competition rules.Certainly, the question may prompt a variety of approaches – theoretical, empirical, targeted or holistic, in a global or exclusively European ...
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Interfaţa arbitraj comercial – insolvenţă. Elemente de ordine publică în practica arbitrală europeană şi naţională
01 01 2017
This article provides an outline of the commercial arbitration – insolvency contact zone, with a special view on public policy sensitive areas which define the interaction between the two processes. On the one hand, the analysis focuses on European Union regulations, the framework in various Member States and international commercial arbitration practice, and, on the other hand, on the Romanian perspective regarding issues such as: applicable ...
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