Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: MiFID II

Propunerea de Regulament privind pieţele criptoactivelor și de modificare a Directivei (UE) 2019/1937
03 01 2022
The article is dedicated to the examination from a theoretical and normativeperspective of the Proposal for a EU Regulation on Markets in Crypto-assets, and amending Directive (EU) 2019/1937 („MiCA Regulation”). MiCA Regulation will replace existing European Union Member States’ legislation applicable to cryptoassets, which are not covered by the EU existing legislation on financial services.
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Finanţarea utilizând criptoactive
01 01 2022
The study is dedicated to the examination from a normative, theoretical andtechnical perspective of companies’ fi nancing using crypto-assets (tokens andstablecoins), distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain, representinga viable alternative to traditional financing methods. The sale of tokens (utilitytokens, security tokens) in exchange for fiduciary currency or other crypto-assets (including stablecoins) is...
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Impactul MiFID II asupra pieţei de capital românești din perspectiva intermediarilor financiari
The international financial crisis in the 2008-2010 period has had significant consequences within the European Union member states. The spillover effects of the financial crisis were also based on the deficiencies in the stock market regulation. As a result, a new European Directive had to be adopted in order to correct the legislative gaps in an area characterized by high dynamism.The adoption of MiFID II in 2014 pursued a number of o...
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Consideraţii privind protecţia investitorilor pe piaţa de capital din România
Stock markets are seen as a real barometer of economic development. According to this assumption, the reclassification of the Romanian stock market from Frontier to Emerging market is based on one hand, on the listing of significant issuers, on their liquidity, but on the other hand on the strengthening of the legal framework that governs the stock market. The recognition of the relevance of the stock market for the economy is linked to the hig...
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Impactul deciziei CJUE în Cauza C-542/16 asupra activităţii de distribuţie de asigurări
01 01 2019
The paper briefly presents an analysis of the CJEU’s decision in Case C-542/16 that refers to the mediation of unit-link life insurance. There are discussed the main facts envisaged by the court, the reasoning of the court and the impact of the outcome of the decision for the insurance mediation activity. In brief, the CJEU ruled that the insurance mediation does not consist only in proposing insurance agreements, but also in undertaking step...
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