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Writing is as important for the discipline of an academic profession as is reading.But they are stages radically different, if not even opposed within the rhythm of academic life. A day that starts with going through bibliography, with checking sources or looking for the texts referred to by sources, or with reading texts which inevitably catch your attention, is a day which is lost for writing. Receptivity towards something new and cur...
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Drept și stil juridic. O plimbare publică printr-o pădure narativă (privată?)
A quarter delight, three quarters effort, frustration, insatisfaction and self-cricism, inconvenience and sleepless nights. (…) A good text is like the outcome of succesful hunting, it requires long wait, with patience and perseverence. I understood that there is not just one angle from which to look at the world, nor defined landscapes, but just images glimpsed through a moving window. I understood that (…) the stories...
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