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Ocupaţiunea și uzucapiunea în spaţiul a-naţional al internetului
The internet is a non-national space, not subject to the sovereignty of any state. Technological corporations have imposed on the internet their own regulations and pre-formulated a-national contracts, as well as moral precepts or axiology of private origin, but having global, imperialist opposability, appropriating through occupation and usucapion both on significant fractions of this a-national space, as well as on some fractions of the inte...
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Dreptul la Internet și dreptul la viaţa digitală
The Internet is the new living environment of homo ciberneticus. The digital vocation belongs to all individuals born after the advent of the Internet. These digital natives are born with the right to a specifi c life, developed both in physical and online environment. For them, life cannot have a separate dimension from the Internet. From this perspective, the question arises whether the right to the Internet and the right to digital...
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