Articole de la același autor Prof. univ. dr. Gheorghe PIPEREA

Este avocat şi profesor de drept la Facultatea de Drept a Universităţii din București, conducător de doctorat în domeniul dreptului și autor sau co-autor al unor lucrări de referinţă în doctrina legală și judiciară românească. A fost director al Revistei Române de Drept al Afacerilor.
Ocupaţiunea și uzucapiunea în spaţiul a-naţional al internetului
Numărul 1 Anul 2023
The internet is a non-national space, not subject to the sovereignty of any state. Technological corporations have imposed on the internet their own regulations and pre-formulated a-national contracts, as well as moral precepts or axiology of private origin, but having global, imperialist opposability, appropriating through occupation and usucapion both on significant fractions of this a-national space, as well as on some fractions of the inte...
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Cum scriu
Numărul 3 Anul 2020
When I write, I always want to imprint, especially in course materials, monographs and treatises, the “ghost of the author”, that sondergut, as the Germans call it, that is the part of the book that belongs to the author beyond a doubt, original without discussion, not inspired from intellectual readings or intersections with other authors. ...
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Câteva reflecții și scurte comentarii asupra Legii insolvenței consumatorilor
Numărul 10 Anul 2015
Regulation no. 151/2015 on insolvency proceedings of individuals will come into force on 26th of December 2015. Taking this into consideration, the article contains a brief review of the most important matters of a regulation that should have come into force a long time ago in the national system of laws.First of all, the regulation can be „improved”, because there are strong reasons to believe that, with this contents, the regulations wi...
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Class action á la roumaine
Numărul 7 Anul 2013
This article aims to assess the impact of changes of Law No. 193/2000 intervened through Law No. 214/2013 for the approval O.U.G. No. 4/2013 on the amendment of Law No. 76/2012 for the implementation of Law No. 134/2010 on the Code of Civil Procedure, and for amending and supplementing of regulation on disputes between professionals and consumers concerning unfair terms in contracts of adhesion. The author deals with an extremely important new...
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Plata TVA la cesiunea drepturilor de autor. Între legalitate şi ilegalitate (I)
Numărul 7 Anul 2012
National Tax Administration Agency started an extensive campaign to register ex officio, for the purpose of collecting VAT, of persons who receive income from intellectual property rights.The interpretation given by the tax authorities to some legal diffuse texts affects hundreds of writers, artists, architects, journalists and representatives of other socio-professional categories that have earned revenues in return fo...
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Simularea personalităţii juridice în Noul Cod civil
Numărul 1 Anul 2012
The dispositions related to simulation under the New Civil Code (art. 1289 and the next, the New Civil Code) are applicable to the company as follows: the parties conclude a public and false act – the company contract – which conceals another secret and real act, the only act binding the parties, but not opposable to third parties; but the third parties can take advantage either of the public act, or of the secret one, as their interest dicta...
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