Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: eficienţă

Cele șapte deprinderi ale oratorilor eficienţi
02 01 2022
In court, the speaker must be effective. The pressure of time and the stakes of the process leave no room for hesitation. At the same time, outside the court, the judicial speaker must conduct his activity according to certain principles that will prepare him not for a plea, but for a career. 
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Regulile de la Praga, alternativă la Regulamentul IBA privind administrarea probatoriului în arbitrajul internaţional
This article seeks a plea for efficiency tools that are made available to users to streamline arbitration procedures and to inform Romanian users about the existence of the Prague Rules and how they are prepared to respond to the issues addressed in their contents.A Working Group was set up to establish a set of international rules in accordance to the entire arbitration community for obtaining evidence in international arbitration based ...
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