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Lex societatis – o perspectivă de drept transnaţional
The concept of lex societatis inspired the legal reasoning made in the international and quasi-federal disputes altogether. The Barcelona Traction (1970) and Centros (1999) disputes give an indication on the fate of lex societatis, as a genuine link between the international and domestic legal orders and quasi-federal one of the European Union. This paper debates the way in which lex societatis operates across and b...
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Dinamica dreptului transnaţional
The dynamics of transnational law constitues a generous research topic. However, the aim of this article is more modest, limiting itself at preliminarly contemplating the way transnational law is evolving effortlessly. Conceptualized also as a methodological tool, transnational law inspires the so-called „network” contracts and the so-called „organisational contract” of the social life, business life included.The dynamics of internation...
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