Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: dizolvare

Arbitrabilitatea litigiilor în materia societăţilor comerciale. Aspecte corelative de drept material și procesual
The arbitrability of the corporate litigations is, in principle, possible, especially after passing the new Civil Procedure Code (Article 542), which eliminated the condition of the pecuniary nature of the dispute. Norm of Article 63 of Companies Law no. 31/1990 does not establish an exclusive competence of the courts of law but a material and territorial one within their general competence. In addition, Article 132 paragraph (2) and following ...
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Excluderea asociaţilor din perspectiva Deciziei nr. 28/2021 pronunţate de Înalta Curte de Casaţie și Justiţie – Completul pentru dezlegarea unor chestiuni de drept în materie civilă
Exclusion is a measure specific to intuitu personae companies. The legal enumeration can be extended through by-laws, as established by the High Court of Cassation and Justice – Panel for resolving legal issues in civil matters, by Decision no. 28/2021. Prior to this decision, the doctrine was divided, a large part considering that the enumeration is limiting. However, the shareholders cannot eliminate, through the by-laws, one or mo...
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Reflecţii critice asupra unei practici judiciare neunitare privind aplicarea prevederilor legale ce guvernează dizolvarea și lichidarea simultană a societăţilor, (art. 235 din Legea nr. 31/1990)
If the associates of the limited liability company are in agreement regarding the allocation and liquidation of the assets of the company and if they warrant payment of company’s debts or provide for a settlement of receivables with the company’s creditors, the Company Law allows them to decide, concomitantly with the dissolution of the company, the means to liquidate the company and, by their unanimous vote, to decide upon distribution, betw...
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