Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: concentrare economică

Relaţia dintre concentrarea economică și abuzul de poziţie dominantă
05 01 2021
The competition on the market has been and will be current in any period. The social and economic context influences the competition rules. In order to have the best possible position in the market, some economic agents will resort to practices that violate the rules of fair competition. Because of this, a balanced competition, in an increasingly technological world, is quite difficult to maintain, because there are many factors both internal ...
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Probleme practice privind procedura de notificare a Consiliului Concurenței în cazul notificărilor concentrărilor economice. Colaborarea juriștilor cu economiștii
04 01 2019
If an economic concentration is created by the merger or acquisition of movable assets and the turnover of the companies involved exceeds the threshold provided by law, it is necessary that this concentration be notified to the Competition Council.The Competition Council will verify the way in which this concentration affects the geographic market and the product market, being extremely important the benefits that it can bring for collab...
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