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Cum să comunicăm cu încredere
01 01 2023
The communication process is not complete without a set of factors that help convey the message correctly. Technical elements and communication strategies are of little use when the speaker lacks confidence in both his own ability and the force of his message. Hard to fi t into patterns and impossible to simulate, confidence is the core of any effective communication and the hallmark of any speaker. ...
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The title of your topic may or not generate curiosity to read a text. There is an American joke saying that „Before writing a book, sell it!”. The same thing happens when you write a text. In order to get the attention of the reader you need to offer her or him an inciting topic, able to make her or him hope that will obtain useful information. ...
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03 01 2020
The contract becomes a group work, reflecting the agreement reached by theparties. Sometimes this compromise, as well as the hurry in the negotiation of some provision before signing, result in imperfect formulations, whose future interpretation might trigger potential disputes. But these situations are specific to the dynamics of the transactions, in which, many times, the pressure to reach an agreement, after many tens of hours of neg...
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