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Creanţele salariale curente în procedura insolvenţei
Salary claims benefit from a preferential regime, in the case of the employer’s insolvency, determined by the need to protect employees. At the same time, current claims benefit from a privileged legal regime, which is justified by the imperative to continue the debtor’s activity after the opening date of the insolvency procedure.With regard to current salary claims in the insolvency procedure, the issue arises of determining the compete...
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Destinul transnaţional al unei doctrine: forum non conveniens
The interplay between the concept of jurisdiction and forum non conveniens theory is more or less stormy. At least in the European Union, such interplay ismanaged in favour of actor sequitur forum rei doctrine. This paper retraces thetransnational fate of forum non conveniens doctrine. As the European Union intends to be and to remain a global player, it cannot neglect anymore, at least in the its so-cal...
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Aspecte generale legate de competenţa judecătorului stagiar
04 01 2014
In the Romanian juridical space, recent years have witnessed a series of fundamental reforms aiming at both substantive law and procedural law, and resulting in the adoption of new codes, the Civil Code and the Code of Civil Procedure. Yet, the legislature, and even the doctrine, have not been concerned with certain issues of practical importance. One of these issues regards the jurisdiction of a trainee judge. In this paper, after an overview...
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