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Cum să comunicăm cu încredere
01 01 2023
The communication process is not complete without a set of factors that help convey the message correctly. Technical elements and communication strategies are of little use when the speaker lacks confidence in both his own ability and the force of his message. Hard to fi t into patterns and impossible to simulate, confidence is the core of any effective communication and the hallmark of any speaker. ...
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Arta de a avea întotdeauna dreptate
03 01 2022
Winning argumentative duels has always fascinated, being a topic that has preoccupied even classical thinkers, accustomed to rummaging in the depths of the mind to understand the world and its meaning. With or without the contribution of honesty, the argument can be understood as a game in which the fiercest of us are only interested in the laurels of victory. Sometimes, in order to obtain them, they will have to give up principles or the very...
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Tehnici de negociere și argumentare
04 01 2021
As legal professionals or as mere speakers, we will often find ourselves in situations that require either neutrality or the best possible resolution of conflicts. Moving away from the paradigm of the verbal duel meant to leave only one person standing, the negotiation and argumentation techniques accentuate the empathy and the desire to obtain mutual gain. Their knowledge and application translates into harmonious communication and results con...
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