Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: acţiuni

Răspunderea vânzătorului unui pachet majoritar de acţiuni pentru „viciile” societăţii vândute
Although they are intangible assets, the shares of a company bear defects (hidden). The seller of a stock is responsible for the value of the issuing company when, after the sale, it is reduced as a result of events prior to sale that the buyer could not find out of the public registers (financial statements, registers, etc.) or after performing a due diligence. This is the correct legal qualification, not the eviction, not the vices of consen...
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Observaţii privind aplicarea dispoziţiilor art. 349 C. civ. în materia societăţilor comerciale reglementate de Legea nr. 31/1990
Community property regime affects both the setting up and the functioning of companies regulated by Law no. 31/1990, in case one of the spouses disposes of the indivisum estate, in order to acquire shares or stocks. Thus, the provisions of art. 349 of the Civil Code should be related to the specific regulations on companies.
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