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Propunerea de Regulament privind pieţele criptoactivelor și de modificare a Directivei (UE) 2019/1937
03 01 2022
The article is dedicated to the examination from a theoretical and normativeperspective of the Proposal for a EU Regulation on Markets in Crypto-assets, and amending Directive (EU) 2019/1937 („MiCA Regulation”). MiCA Regulation will replace existing European Union Member States’ legislation applicable to cryptoassets, which are not covered by the EU existing legislation on financial services.
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Sancţionarea abuzului de piaţă – dualitate contravenţional penală sau exclusivitate a normei penale/contravenţionale?
06 01 2013
In the present study, the author analyses the matter of the market abuse sanctioning policy in Europe and especially in Romania. The study starts with a short presentation of the sanctioning policy in the Member States. At this level, two main approaches can be identified: (i) the „both” approach. In this approach, market abuse can give rise both to administrative and criminal sanctions and (ii) the “either or” approach. In this approach, nat...
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Regimul juridic aplicabil informaţiilor privilegiate în contextul legislaţiei româneşti privind piaţa de capital
05 01 2013
This study aims to examine the current state of national regulations on insider information, as well as their legal status. The highly technical nature of this study compels us to explain and analyze, at the same time, some key concepts for understanding the subject.Without trying to fully investigate the subject matter, the paper starts with an overview of the American background which created for the first time the need to regulate the ...
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