Articole de la același autor Vicențiu RÂMNICEANU

Scrisoarea de așteptări, guvernarea corporatistă și statul-acționar
Numărul 6 Anul 2016
Amendments brought to G.E.O. 109/2011 by Law 111/2016 upgrade Romanian company law from corporate governance principles perspective. State as shareholder switch its position in respect to SOE (state owned entreprises) by no further inactively awaiting outcomes, but attending to setup of general goals and of their mission, related to the expected contribution for the achievement of the governance programme. Amendments are substantial and outline...
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Drepturile acţionarilor în legislaţia Uniunii Europene
Numărul 1 Anul 2015
The present study has as starting point the draft for the revision of the Shareholders’ Rights Directive, (2007/36/EC), aimed at improving the corporate governance of the over 10,000 companies listed on capital markets in Europe.Upholding the ambitious European Commission action plan, characterized by the collocation „fostering an appropriate regime for sharehoders’ rights” (from the public omonyme consultation in 2004), the draft directi...
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