Articole de la același autor Petru HOBINCU

Consilier juridic,
Clauze de redevenţă privată în contractele de investiţii miniere
Numărul 2 Anul 2019
As non-participating tools to outcome of a mining project or making an investment, private royalties are complex provisions and agreements that reflect the degree of business planning, local risks, and include the assumptions of future exploitation.Developed as a contractual practice in large mining companies, these clauses have been improved during use and as a result of incidents or case laws, so the current can be used in a...
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Taxa pentru eliberarea autorizaţiei de foraje sau excavări – considerații practice asupra unor elemente de neconstituționalitate
Numărul 4 Anul 2016
The local tax for drilling and excavation and consequently issuing of the required authorization, have been applied in a divergent way and causes considerable fiscal burden for contributors acting in mining industry. In many situations these obligations have been illegally set, therefore we propose a legal reading of the rules from the perspective of both ordinary and constitutional judicial practice. We also analyze hereinafter the excavation...
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