Articole de la același autor Lacrima Bianca LUNTRARU

Cadru universitar, Universitatea „Petru Maior” Tg.-Mureș; avocat Baroul Mureș
Obligaţiile profesionistului care decurg din loialitatea contractuală (II)
Numărul 4 Anul 2017
Our research aims to go forward with the legal analysis of the issue regarding the civil liability for professional malpractice, more precisely, identifying special coordinates on which this liability lies. If in the first part we have identified the main obligations of the professional, the second part is intended for special obligations. These kind of obligations are found about all categories of professionals and works as a genuine protect...
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Constantele răspunderii civile a
profesionistului (I)
Numărul 3 Anul 2017
The issues regarding the civil liability of the professional incites increasingly the interest of the theoreticians, and even more of the legal practitioners being often cited in the settlement of the cases subject to judgment. Our analysis aims to outline the main references which rank this legal institution, trying to sustain with solid arguments the need for the acknowledgement of freestanding liability, separated in relation to other assu...
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