Articole de la același autor Dr. Ioana Alina STANCA

Avocat, Baroul Cluj
Despre natura juridică și uzucapiunea servituților în noul Cod civil
Numărul 10 Anul 2015
Servitudes represent the connection of two neighboring buildings or in a mediated proximity, which facilitates their economic exploitation to the advantage the fund which becomes dominant. In return, the fund that supports the servitude is called the subservient fund.Having originally a predominantly rural character, servitudes institution become obsolete as a result of the appearance of specific regulations, such as those in the water ...
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Despre dreptul de superficie în reglementarea noului Cod civil
Numărul 9 Anul 2014
Legal regulation of the right of superficies mirrored throughout its history the need to meet specific needs in the area of housing. There were two causes for legal dedication lightly.On the one hand, the need for housing, which was long a social goal, and on the other hand, the rigidity of the legal status of the public domain, which did not allow the coexistence performance of several types of ownership.Legal consecration of sup...
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Noua fizionomie a coproprietăţii obişnuite în lumina dispoziţiilor actualului Cod civil
Numărul 6 Anul 2014
Along with the usual classical vision of temporary co-ownership, established by the Civil Code of 1864, which ignored the subject entirely, as a separate institution, for the benefit of individual property co-ownership, co-ownership been considered a transient situation, exceptional, New Civil Code outlines, through a series of changes a new physiognomy of this institution of civil law.Although almost all news reported during this study ...
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