Articole de la același autor Emőd VERESS

Cadru didactic universitar, Universitatea "Sapientia" din Cluj-Napoca, Departamentul de Științe Juridice
Controverse privind executarea silită a părților sociale ale societăților cu răspundere limitată pentru datoriile personale ale asociaților
Numărul 11 Anul 2015
The article examines the possibility of enforcement on the shares of a limited liability company owned by an associate who is also a debtor, given the recent changes to the Law on Companies no. 31/1990 trough Law no. 152/2015 amending and supplementing certain regulations in the field of registration in the trade register. The author concludes that these shares may not be freely enforceable even in the context of the new legislation, bringing ...
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Consideraţii privind societăţile sportive pe acţiuni
Numărul 2 Anul 2014
The article deals with some basic problems of the special regulation of the joint-stock companies active in the field of sports. A special and derogatory legal regime of these companies is justified. But the current regulation should be modernized, adapted to the current legal, economic and social conditions. Law on the one hand should support the establishment of these joint-stock companies, setting clear criteria and procedures, on the othe...
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