Articole de la același autor Prof. univ. dr. Carmen Tamara UNGUREANU

Profesor universitar la Facultatea de Drept a Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” din Iași
Ghostwriting-ul în contextul transformării digitale globale
The practice of „ghostwriting” involves an author of a literary, artistic, or scientific work agreeing to give credit for his/her creation to another person in exchange for payment, with the result that his/her work is published under the latter’s name. Ghostwriting is increasingly used in various fields, becoming an effective solution for those in need (of a „writer”) and a profession or even an entrepreneurial endeavor for ...
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Comercializarea influenţei. Reguli și nereguli în influencer marketing
The Internet has led to the migration of commercial advertising in the cyberspace, where professionals who seek to promote their products/services are forced to fight for the consumers’ attention. One form of online commercial advertising, which they use to a significant extent, is that carried out through influencers. These advertising providers commercialize their influence. In order to present some of the legal issues stemming from the inf...
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