Articole de la același autor Dr. Albert ALBANEZI

Facultatea de Drept, Universitatea „Babeș‑Bolyai”, Cluj‑Napoca Center for Business Law & Information Technology
Platformele digitale – o nouă arhitectură a întreprinderii (II)
Numărul 6 Anul 2023
Viewed from the perspective of an enterprise, digital platforms reinterpret elements found in a traditional company. This change is driven by the presence of network effects that provide connectivity between platform users, thus generating value for participants. At the same time, through network effects users are included in the ecosystem managed by the platform.Although differences can be identified depending on the specific category o...
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Platformele digitale – o nouă arhitectură a întreprinderii (I)
Numărul 5 Anul 2023
Digital platforms are innovative structures that create challenges for many areas of incidence, with business law being particularly targeted. Their massive presence in most business sectors puts us in a race against time to understand them, in the hope of being able to perceive the changes they bring about. The question we ask with our two‑part study is to what extent they illustrate a new enterprise architecture.In order to address thi...
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