Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: semnătura electronică

Aspecte practice privind încheierea și comunicarea contractelor de asistență juridică (și, nu numai…) prin mijloace electronice
The legal assistance contract concluded between the lawyer and the client benefits from a special legal regime, expressly regulated, which contains its form and substance conditions, the content and variables of the binding legal relationship, as well as the conduct framework of the parties in view of the birth, modification and termination of this legal relationship.This paper analyzes the topic of concluding assistance or legal represe...
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Globalizarea democraţiei vs. democraţia globalizării. Semnătura electronică –condiţie ad validitatem sau ad probationem în contractele electronice?
Democracy is the only political current that has become unanimously acceptedand is a way of life desired by most people around the world, at least that is the perception of the majority living in areas recognized as being led by democratic governments. The globalization of democracy is the current desideratum of the development of society and the contemporary world is in a continuous transformation due to the advancement of new technolog...
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