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Moneda electronică și politica monetară
01 01 2022
Electronic money is changing the process of transmitting monetary policy effects. Therefore, the macroeconomic implications of using this new type of currency is concerning the central banks around the world.This paper aims to summarize the main analyzes of this phenomenon. Theseanalyzes, conducted by the specialists of central banks and by academics, show that the erosion of the monetary base produced by technological advances in...
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Consecinţe economice ale datoriei publice
05 01 2021
In recent years, there has been an increase in public debt in Romania. If current policies are maintained, the public debt will continue to increase, which will have a considerable impact on economic activity. I will present certain consequences and risks of this evolution. They are illustrated, moreover, by the difficulties that the government has begun to face in its financing from external financial markets: the financial cost of public deb...
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Particularităţile contractelor bancare în privinţa adaptării clauzelor abuzive
Being the reflection of mixed operations, banking contracts involve a number of peculiarities. In the present study, we aimed to highlight the particularities of banking contracts, especially as regards the admissibility of court intervention to remedy the nullity of unfair terms in credit agreements.The court which has established the unfairness of a clause in a consumer credit agreement is required to remove it application by default. ...
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