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Cine controlează faptele va controla și soluția judiciară
04 01 2023
In the process of persuasion reasoning and emotions are particularly emphasized in order to apply some techniques designed to attract the judge’s attention and convince him of the legitimacy of the thesis. However, the judge’s requirement is much simpler and was expressed bluntly by the dictum enshrined in Roman law: „Da mihi factum, dabo tibi jus” („Give me the facts and I will give you the legal solution”). Even though the diligent...
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Etica oratoriei judiciare
02 01 2023
As legal practitioners, lawyers play a critical role in upholding justice and defending the rights of their clients. However, the power of persuasion that comes with the profession can be easily misused if not exercised ethically. Ethical oratory is crucial for lawyers, as it ensures that they do not cross the line between advocating for their clients and manipulating or misleading the court. In this context, ethical oratory refers to the use ...
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Secretul este să nu te simţi bine
05 01 2022
In a world governed by the appearance of perfection, apparent imperfection should be doomed to failure. However, this is not the case with negotiators or orators who know that success can only be achieved with the input of others and their valorization is the first step of a ladder that those who climb must first of all descend. ...
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Cele șapte deprinderi ale oratorilor eficienţi
02 01 2022
In court, the speaker must be effective. The pressure of time and the stakes of the process leave no room for hesitation. At the same time, outside the court, the judicial speaker must conduct his activity according to certain principles that will prepare him not for a plea, but for a career. 
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