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Prevenirea și combaterea spălării banilor și procedura de cunoaștere a clientelei bancare
The study presents the actions of prevention and fighting against money laundering carried out primarily by financial institutions. Money laundering includes those financial operations by which sums of money obtained from crimes are given the appearance of legality of source. The crime of money laundering has an autonomous character compared to the predicate crime, not being conditioned by the pronouncement of a conviction for this crime. An ...
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Moneda electronică și politica monetară
01 01 2022
Electronic money is changing the process of transmitting monetary policy effects. Therefore, the macroeconomic implications of using this new type of currency is concerning the central banks around the world.This paper aims to summarize the main analyzes of this phenomenon. Theseanalyzes, conducted by the specialists of central banks and by academics, show that the erosion of the monetary base produced by technological advances in...
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