Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: drepturi fundamentale

Dreptul la Internet și dreptul la viaţa digitală
The Internet is the new living environment of homo ciberneticus. The digital vocation belongs to all individuals born after the advent of the Internet. These digital natives are born with the right to a specifi c life, developed both in physical and online environment. For them, life cannot have a separate dimension from the Internet. From this perspective, the question arises whether the right to the Internet and the right to digital...
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Scurt istoric al Camerelor de Comerț și Industrie din România și transformarea instituțională a acestora până la cel de-al doilea Război Mondial (II)
The Romanian Chamber of Commerce System is an active, mobilizing and reforming presence of the domestic and international trade.One of milestones of the Chamber of Commerce legislative accomplishment was the elaboration of the Constitution of 1923, which had been the promoter of the development and of the reform of the Chambers of Commerce in Romania. ...
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Scurt istoric al Camerelor de Comerţ şi Industrie din România şi transformarea instituţională a acestora până la cel de-al doilea Razboi Mondial (I)
In Romania, an important institution that created emulation in organizing and developing the commercial relation was and still is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with roots in the mid-nineteenth century. This entity had a major role in the economy of Romania, for almost a century (1864-1945). Nevertheless, the history and the beneficial role of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to the development of the modern Romania in over 80 year...
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