Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: cultură juridică

Cum scriu? Greu, dar și cu multă bucurie
I had the intuition that a jurist-researcher must inter- and trans-discipline and, therefore, I read books (…) of institutional history, social history, political philosophy, economy and sociology. (…) I started to merge the positivist discourse with the cultural one, marked by inter- and trans-disciplinarity and by conceptual analysis. This way I was trying to break with the empiricism which is specifical to descriptive commentary...
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Despre drept și scrierea lui
By its very function and training, the notary is a man of legal „express”, of explicit formulations. (…) A seeker of the causal relation, who will never be able to detach from it. Although abstraction could help him, he ignores it, and prefers to look, confused, for the validity of the causal relation underlying the document he is drafting. He is easily afraid and take exaggerate precautions. His anatomy impedes creativity, so he prefers well...
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