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Reflecții jurisprudențiale asupra contractelor inteligente în contextul Legii privind datele
As the rapid advancement of technology continues to reshape various aspects of society, the legal domain faces new challenges in adapting to the transformative capabilities of smart contracts. Through a nuanced analysis, the paper delves into the fundamental concepts and philosophical underpinnings of jurisprudence, investigating their applicability to the realm of smart contracts. Drawing on historical legal precedents and theoretical framewo...
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Obţinerea fără drept de monede virtuale sau a altor criptoactive
Both blockchain technology and the accelerated adoption of virtual currencies or other cryptoassets generates controversies in the legal field and various problems related to understanding new types of criminal conduct. In this context, the misappropriation of virtual currencies or other crypto-assets has a particular level of complexity. Depending on the modus operandi of the perpetrator, either a traditional offence (theft, fraud, b...
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Contractele inteligente în realitatea contemporană
03 01 2023
Human existence in the digital era entails adapting to everything that technology represents, and when it comes to contracts, they have experienced a significant evolution, particularly in revolutionizing their process of formation and execution.Smart contracts utilize blockchain technology to ensure the enforcement and fulfillment of contractual conditions, offering significant benefits in terms of transparency, security, and cost effici...
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Finanţarea utilizând criptoactive
01 01 2022
The study is dedicated to the examination from a normative, theoretical andtechnical perspective of companies’ fi nancing using crypto-assets (tokens andstablecoins), distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain, representinga viable alternative to traditional financing methods. The sale of tokens (utilitytokens, security tokens) in exchange for fiduciary currency or other crypto-assets (including stablecoins) is...
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Criptoactivele. Perspectivă teoretică, tehnică și normativă
04 01 2021
The study is dedicated to the examination from a normative, theoretical and technical perspective of crypto-assets. Keywords: crypto-asset, cryptocurrency, token, security token, utility token, asset referenced token, ele...
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Criptomonedele și tehnologiile aferente acestora
03 01 2021
The study is dedicated to the presentation of digital currencies’ classification and essential terms related to cryptocurrencies and to technologies that powers them. Keywords: cryptocurrency, digital cu...
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