Articole de la același autor Nonu-Gheorghe PUȘCARIU

Avocat, Baroul Braşov
Câteva consideraţii cu privire la compensația legală în procedura insolvenţei
Numărul 2 Anul 2016
The institution of legal set off suffered several modifications during the transition from the old Civil Code to the new Civil Code. Some alterations were foreseeable and understandable; others were the illustration of a sinuous legislative dynamics.The combination between national legislative “mutations”, bankruptcy rules related to compensation, and European rules regarding set off will generate “the recipe for success”. The issue is w...
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Eficacitatea ajutorului public judiciar. Probleme teoretice cu aplicabilitate practică
Numărul 4 Anul 2015
In order to ensure that any litigant has the right to a fair trial and a free access to a court, the Romanian legislator has regulated, among other European Union countries, the legal aid.The aim of this study is to analyse, whether this regulation is effective or not. Any difficulty, starting from interpretation issues, to regulation “loopholes”, may and will affect the decisions of the national courts. Therefore, our purpose is to hig...
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