Articole de la același autor Dorina PRICOP

Avocat, Baroul Ilfov
Dreptul de autor în cinematografie. Studiu de caz
Numărul 3 Anul 2019
It may be said that cinematography is the first new form of art in the industrial age. At the beginning, it was not included among the defined forms with the accepted notion (at that time) of „art”, considering that it did not fulfill many of the „sacred” attributes of art and was outside the romantic vision of the artistic creation, a vision according to which an art work is characterized by authenticity and unrepeatability, being a unique c...
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Copyright versus droit d’auteur. Drepturile morale: protecţia conferită realizatorilor de opere cinematografice
Numărul 2 Anul 2019
In the usual language, the phrase „droit d’auteur” and the word „copyright” areconsidered synonymous. The meanings of the two terms, however, are different and may generate ambiguities. Neither of the two legal terms – „droit d’auteur” or „copyright” – fails to defi ne the mechanism of protecting the creations of the spirit nor the richness of the provisions included. Among them, the moral rights conferred on the author of cinematographi...
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