Articole de la același autor Dr. Daniel GRĂDINARU

Judecător, Înalta Curte de Casație și Justiție, Secția penală
Deturnarea de fonduri din bugetele Uniunii Europene
Numărul 10 Anul 2016
According to the law, misuse of grant European Union funds offence consists in the misapplication of such funds for purposes other than those for which they were granted. In the analysed provizions it is also criminalised the intentional act through wich, without compliance with the legal provisions it was obtained a benefit which had as effect the illegal reduction of the resources of the general budget of the European Union or of the budget...
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Obţinerea ilegală de fonduri ale Uniunii Europene. Tendințe jurisprudențiale
Numărul 9 Anul 2016
According to present law, illegally obtaining European Union funds crime consists in using or presenting of false, incorrect or incomplete statements or documents in bad-faith, if this has as effect the misappropriation of funds of European Union or budgets managed by, or on behalf of the European Union. This could also be committed by knowingly failing to present the data required by law, if this has as effect the misappropriation of those fu...
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