Articole de la același autor Prof. univ. dr. Claudia ROȘU

Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara, Facultatea de Drept
Competenţa instanţei în litigiile privind contractul de asigurare de bunuri – unele particularităţi
Numărul 5 Anul 2022
The article analyses the aspects related to establishing the jurisdiction of the court in cases where the dispute refers to a property insurance contract. In judicial practice, many situations have been encountered in which, prior to the referral to the court, a new legal relationship is generated as a result of a debt assignment contract concluded between the injured third party and a third party – usually a company specialized in such trans...
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Efectele generalizării apelului în litigiile dintre profesionişti
Numărul 4 Anul 2013
This article analyzes the effects produced by the generalization of the appeal in the context of the provisions of the New Code of Civil Procedure. Providing the litigants in a civil action, including the professionals, with the possibility of filing an appeal clearly brings up certain advantages: the possibility to invoke any grounds of illegality and groundlessness, the check of all grounds of fact and of law, the administration of new eviden...
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