Articole de la același autor Cătălin LUNGĂNAȘU

Cadru didactic universitar, Facultatea de Drept, Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara, Centrul pentru Dreptul Afacerilor Timișoara; judecător, Judecătoria Timișoara
Competenţa instanţei în litigiile privind contractul de asigurare de bunuri – unele particularităţi
Numărul 5 Anul 2022
The article analyses the aspects related to establishing the jurisdiction of the court in cases where the dispute refers to a property insurance contract. In judicial practice, many situations have been encountered in which, prior to the referral to the court, a new legal relationship is generated as a result of a debt assignment contract concluded between the injured third party and a third party – usually a company specialized in such trans...
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Reprezentarea unei persoane fizice de o societate cu răspundere limitată. Implicații în dreptul procesual civil (practică judiciară comentată)
Numărul 1 Anul 2020
The power of representation granted by a natural person to a legal person produces specific consequences in terms of substantive law. In civil procedural law, however, it is subject to significant limitations, given the strict rules provided by the Code of Civil Procedure. In the absence of a judgment pronounced by the High Court of Cassation and Justice in this matter, we deem that the limits of the representation of a legal person by another...
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