Articole cu aceleași cuvânt cheie: intermediar

Aspecte vizând prevenirea spălării banilor și combaterea finanţării terorismului (AML/CFT) și aspecte fiscale vizând criptoactivele
02 01 2022
The study is dedicated to the examination of aspects related to the prevention ofmoney laundering and combating terrorist financing (AML / CFT) and fiscal aspects related to crypto-assets. Keywords: prevention of mo...
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Contractul de intermediere
reglementat de noul Cod civil
The intermediation contract, whilst being already mentioned in the abrogated Commercial Code, has been defined and regulated only in the new Civil Code.Aiming to intercede the conclusion of various contracts, the intermediation contract is frequently met in practice as a reals assets brokering contract. Unfortunately, brokerage in real assets is a field that is insufficiently and inadequately regulated by the Romanian law.
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