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Try to explain things (the facts of a case, for example) as if the reader would know nothing about it, but also has not much time to read. Because of this, complicated things should be explained as simply as possible. Keywords:
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What is the image of an ideal article? I wrote here about article and not books because the article is like a short story. The precision and the consistency, the intelligence and the exuberance can be better seen in articles than in books. (…) The title must be so good that you make it into the searches in the data basis and search engines. It must be sophisticated also. How can you make it simple and sophisticated? By knowin...
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You never walk (run) alone!
Writing can be like running. You must practice every day if you want to run a marathon; if you want to write well, you must read enormously. When you are writing, you should always consider the reader. If writing is like running, remember to run along with your reader!
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