Articole de la același autor Conf. univ. dr. Gabriel TIȚA-NICOLESCU

Facultatea de Drept, Universitatea „Transilvania” din Brașov
Drept comercial sau dreptul afacerilor?
The issue that we would like to deal with right from the beginning of this paper is the answer to the following question: if there are no traders, are there still trading companies? Is there a commercial law after the adoption of the new Civil Code?This debate is important, because, as we will see, until the new Civil Code was adopted, such distinction was the foundation of private law, namely the distinction between the civil law and the...
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Câteva aspecte de noutate privind principiul bunei-credinţe contractuale în Noul Cod civil român
In terms of obligations, in general, and contracts, in particular, the new Civil Code brings innovations, indeed, which will be widely discussed in the doctrine and will make the subject of jurisprudential disputes as well. The paper is an attempt to outline the novelty issues in relation to the general principles applicable to contractual good faith; we hope that, the briefer this is, the more enlightening it will be for jurists, given the fa...
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