Articole de la același autor Ana-Maria PIELMUŞ

Avocat, DLA Piper Dinu SCA
Evoluţii recente ale practicii decizionale a instanţelor europene cu privire la discounturile acordate de întreprinderile dominante – implicaţii ale hotărârii Tribunalului în cauza Intel împotriva Comisiei Europene
Numărul 8 Anul 2014
A frequent practice in the business environment, the grant of price reductions by undertakings may trigger potential anti-competitive risks which are most likely to be present with respect to the price reductions granted by undertakings holding a dominant position. If historically, the analysis applied to discount policies applied by dominant undertakings corresponded to a formal approach, akin to a per se prohibition (the traditional approach)...
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Restricţii de concurenţă în sistemele de franciză. Analiza Deciziei Consiliului Concurenţei nr. 65 din 31 octombrie 2012 privind acceptarea angajamentelor asumate de Fornetti România S.R.L.
Numărul 4 Anul 2014
The franchise has specific characteristics within the various trading systems, which triggers the need to modulate the legal regime applicable to franchise agreements from the perspective of the enforcement of competition legislation, which can be seen in a number of ways. First, the observance of the price recommended by the franchisor may be the mere expression of a reasonable commercial conduct of franchisees, of the requirement to ensure a...
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